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Federal University of Santa Catarina

Federal University of Santa Catarina joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai – a revolutionary dating app designed exclusively for students of Federal University of Santa Catarina. We understand how hectic university life can get - between cramming for exams, tailoring your thesis, and savoring your moments at Café das Profissões. Meeting that special someone shouldn't be akin to finding a free study spot in the Central Library during finals week!

With our groundbreaking AI chatbot EVA, you can bid farewell to the mindless swiping and simplified personas that plague traditional dating apps. Instead of superficial judgments, EVA engages you in an interactive conversation to build a comprehensive and dynamic profile. EVA understands the intricacies of university life here at Federal University of Santa Catarina and, therefore, ensures your matches share similar academic pursuits, appreciate impromptu dates at Café Cultura, or enjoy cheering on the teams during the annual JUCS games.

With Dates.ai, prepare to connect deeply, meet genuinely and love smartly, right here in our beautiful campus community. You no longer need to rely on shared courses or chance meetings in our spacious study grounds to find your match. Even a studious evening at BU or lunch meal at Corrego Grande won't go unnoticed. Welcome to a new era of digital dating that truly understands the Federal University of Santa Catarina student body. Welcome, to Dates.ai.