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Federico Santa María Technical University

Federico Santa María Technical University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, the revolutionary dating app designed specifically for the busy students of Federico Santa María Technical University. Remember those serene afternoons spent at Café Santo and how you always wished you could stumble upon 'The One'? With dates.ai, we are bringing that possibility right to your screens!

No more aimless swipes or waiting for chances in the bustling hallways of Álvarez or at the quiet corners of the Bella Vista library. Powered by our advanced AI, Eva, we take a fresh approach to online dating. Simply engage in an enlightening chat with Eva, and she will curate your dating profile for you, reflecting your best qualities to your potential matches.

A romantic sunset walk on the campus grounds, a thrilling football game in the campus stadium, or a laid-back date at popular Café Santo; whatever your ideal date, dates.ai is your passport to a thrilling love life, all while balancing your busy university schedule. Freely explore the world of university romance, and let dates.ai and Eva guide your journey to love!