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Florida Institute of Technology joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, the revolutionary dating app designed specifically for savvy singles at the Florida Institute of Technology. Say 'no' to guesswork and 'hello' to Eva – our AI-powered matchmaking chatbot. Forget about swiping, we're about the future, and it includes deeper, smarter connections. Eva chats with you, understands you, and builds a dynamic profile that grows with you.

Tidal Boar, the local hotspot for that steamy first date, just got closer. And, guess what? That delightful stranger with the captivating smile in Evans Library, they're only a chat away. With dates.ai, we bring the world of FIT romance right to your fingertips. Take off the edge, save your thumbs, and let our AI handle the matching. It's seamless, efficient, and fun.

We know our Panthers well and we're not just another dating app. Dates.ai is a delightful blend of science and romance - embodying the unique spirit of functionality and innovation at the Florida Institute of Technology. Go ahead, make your move, and uncover the magic that awaits in every conversation with us. Just like an interesting experiment in your lab, the outcome will be truly fascinating.