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Florida International University joins Dates.ai

Attention Florida International University students! Tired of swiping through endless profiles just to find pre-finals companionship? Then welcome to Dates.ai, a new breed of dating app created just for you. Our ingenious AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, makes the process of finding your ideal companion as easy as ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte at the Green Library Café.

Eva speaks your language - quite literally. She gets to know you through an interactive chat, building your profile based on your unique personality and preferences. Gone are the days of managing quirky taglines or attempting to distil your charm into 500 characters. With Eva, your profile creation becomes a conversation, not a chore.

So, why take a chance on accidently bumping into your soulmate while buried in textbooks at the Green Library? Let Eva do the hard work for you. With Dates.ai, your next study session at the GC might just come with a side of romance!