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Florida State University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, the revolutionary dating app specifically designed for the vibrant community of Florida State University! Leveraging advanced AI technology, we've eliminated the endless swiping and guesswork that's typically associated with digital dating. Our chatbot, named Eva, constructs your profile from a casual, interactive conversation, focusing on your interests and preferences to deliver matches with real compatibility. No longer will your dating success depend on random encounters at Stroz or hoping to bump into that special someone while grabbing an iced latte from Sweet Shop.

Consider Eva as your personal campus matchmaker. This intelligent bot is well aware of the subtleties and distinct flavors of the Seminole dating scene. She stands ready to connect you with fellow Seminoles who share your love for tailgates at Doak Campbell, FSU's cultural events like "Seven Days of Opening Nights", or your penchant for late-night sushi at Koishi. Eva will guide you through engaging dialogues, discover your preferences, and use this information to connect you with fellow students in a seemingly effortless manner.

Here at Dates.ai, we're ready to revolutionize the way Seminoles date. Our aim is to make the process more organic, streamlined, and specific to the FSU community. Let Eva get to know you and let her expertise work to your advantage. Transform your Florida State University experience with Dates.ai and enjoy the vibrant and varied dating scene right at your fingertips.