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Welcome to, your ultimate dating companion for life at the Free University of Berlin! Say goodbye to the endless swiping and rekindle romance in the backdrop of our diverse and vibrant campus! Our intelligent matchmaking bot, Eva, understands the subtleties of student life and love at Free University like no other.

It's more than just algorithms and data with Eva. She'll engage you in charming matchmaking conversations that go beyond your basic interests. Sure, you love the cozy ambiance of the local 'Café Bilderbuch' for a first date, or the thrill of philosophical debates at 'Düppel Center.' That's something many of us do. But Eva dives deeper- She takes the loves, laughs, learnings, and even the occasional heartbreaks of your university life to build a dating profile that's uniquely you.

So, how about we stop relying on bumping into your potential match at the Philological Library and let Eva, the ultimate cupid of Free University, lead you to some exciting, worthwhile connections? With, lose yourself in the sweet rhythms of love and academia, and let us transform your university life at Free University of Berlin into an unforgettable romantic adventure.