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Attention Patriots! Tired of aimlessly swiping away, hoping for a connection amidst the throng of students at George Mason University? Your solution is here, with, your dedicated AI dating platform. Forget about hoping for serendipity in the Santé Coffee Shop, or a magical encounter across bookshelves in Fenwick Library. With, we eliminate the guesswork!

Introducing Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot, designed and calibrated specifically to navigate the dating intricacies of George Mason University. Eva is here to change your dating game. After a thorough and personalised matchmaking conversation, she intuitively crafts your profile and matches with students who are suited to your unique preferences. No more swiping, Patriots, only personalized matchmaking.

Let revolutionize your dating experience at George Mason University. Unwind at the tranquility of the Mason Pond after an exciting match or have insightful conversations over coffee at Gunston Hall, with your perfect match, found by Eva. Say goodbye to chance encounters and hello to precise, personality-based matching. Let’s keep love at the heart of the Patriot community with!