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Welcome to! We are the dating revolution, tailor-made for Georgia Health Sciences University students. We understand that your busy schedules as health sciences scholars doesn't leave much time for swiping or indulging half-hearted, going-nowhere conversations. Remember those days when you used to wish for running into that special someone at Greenblatt or Reese libraries? We heard you, and so, we introduced Eva, our AI Chatbot.

Eva isn’t just your regular chatbot. She’s intelligent, intuitive, and understands your preferences better than any typical dating app. After a conversation with Eva, she understands your likes and matches you with a perfect partner. Who knows, your next date might be at Bodega Ultima or New Moon Cafe, those local cafes with just the right ambiance for a heart-to-heart over a cup of coffee.

Whether it’s late-night study dates or exploring the streets of Augusta, make memories outside the library with Say goodbye to swiping and tripping over crowded books in the aisles, hoping to find your perfect match. Sign up today, let Eva get to know you. The dating experience for Georgia Health Sciences University students will never be the same again!