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Welcome to, the forward-thinking dating app built exclusively for the dynamic students at Graz University of Technology. Becoming the mastermind of your dating world has never been easier with our state-of-the-art AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva! Say goodbye to the endless swiping game of past dating services. Our Eva will build your profile effortlessly through a friendly matchmaking conversation, saving your thumbs for the real typing fun.

No longer will you need to rely on chance encounters in the packed hallways of Inffeldgasse 25D or hope to bump into your future partner at the busy TU Graz Library. Forget the awkward first meetings at Café Global and focus on creating real connections. Eva, our intelligent chatbot, is here to provide a personal and precise matchmaking service that understands your unique preferences and lifestyle.

So tech savvy students of TU Graz, take a bold step into the world of AI-enhanced dating with Embrace Eva's proficiency in decoding the mysteries of the human heart and let your academic understanding of algorithms transfer to your love life. Join us today and let us revolutionize your dating experience, one matched pair at a time. - because even tech gurus deserve to find love.