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Hacettepe University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, a cutting-edge dating solution specifically designed for the vibrant students of Hacettepe University. We capitalize on the power of artificial intelligence through our fantastic AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva. Forget about swiping, Eva makes it easier for you to find that special someone and instead of waiting to bump into 'the one' in the crowded Ruzgarli Bahce Library - we bring them to your device screen.

Eva, our AI-driven matchmaker, isn't all algorithms and data. She interacts with you in a lucid, engaging conversation to know your preferences. Just like the quirky and quaint Cafe Retro vibes you adore, Eva is personable, attentive, embracing your character and unique allure. She finds you matches based on your real personality traits and attractions, not just your course or canteen preference.

Take a break from the intense preparations for the Hacet Bayramy or the endless study sessions in Beytepe Dormitories, and take a chance on love. Eva's here to bring that romantic spark into your life in Hacettepe University that transcends beyond the binary swipe. Dates.ai – Fall in love not with just an algorithm, but with a personality that fits you.