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Hanyang University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, the revolutionary dating application designed exclusively for you, the vibrant students of Hanyang University. We're going beyond shallow swiping and introducing a unique, AI-powered approach to dating. With the help of our intuitive AI chatbot Eva, we're focusing on compatibility, dives deep into your preferences and personality.

Remember those late-night cramming sessions at the Paiknam Library, hoping to catch a glance of your crush in the ocean of textbooks? With dates.ai, there will be no more relying on chance encounters. Get matched with potential partners based on shared interests, chosen study fields, or even mutual favourite hangout spots, such as the popular on-campus coffee shop, ERICA!

Impress your matches with an exciting first date at the Alumni Building with a stunning view of Seoul or share a nostalgic study break at the Mirae Hall, reminiscing those late-night study sessions. The opportunities are endless. With dates.ai and the help of Eva, the love of your university life might just be a click away.