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Harbin Institute of Technology joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, a revolutionary dating app exclusively tailored for our Harbin Institute of Technology intellectuals. We understand your unique lifestyle and use our breakthrough AI technology to help you discover your perfect match. Our skilled chatbot, Eva, replaces tedious profile-building with an easy, stress-free, matchmaking conversation. No need to spend hours tweaking your profile, let Eva do the work for you, making sure you won't miss that perfect match while deep in your research at the Science & Technology Library.

Remember all those times waiting to bump into someone interesting at the Gloria Jean's Coffees? Or the endless left swipes after another round of late-night study at the Main Building? With Dates.ai you can say ‘goodbye’ to the unnecessary guesswork. Eva's revolutionary AI uses data-driven insights to pair you with compatible fellow brains, offering recommendations for the ideal first meeting spots like Café 1231 or popular campus events. Have your first meaningful conversation over a shared latte instead of misjudging someone in the library's silence!

Imagine the possibilities, connecting with fellow students who understand the HIT lifestyle, enjoying intellectual discussions, partnering for that meaningful project, or simply sharing quiet moments during your busy academic journey. It's not just about dating; it's about finding your soulmates in academia. Join dates.ai today and take your university relationships to the next level, because at Harbin Institute of Technology, we believe that even love deserves a touch of AI precision!