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Welcome to, your exclusive dating service at Hunan University! No more relying on casual run-ins at Yuelu Library or counting on fate at that late-night Yuxiangyi coffee shop meetups. Our revolutionary dating application connects Hunan University's brightest minds, leveraging advanced AI technology to eliminate the need for aimless swiping.

Our bedazzling AI chatbot, Eva, is your interactive entity woven with intricate algorithms. Simply engage in casual conversation with her and she will deduce your perfect match amongst the array of individuals within our campus's locale. Profile creation has never been easier or more efficient, and Eva has been fine-tuned to recognize your unique preferences and match you with compatible students.

University life will be a memorable chapter in your life - why not make it more exciting with Join us, engage with Eva, and let her shatter the conventional dating paradigm. You might just discover the love you never knew existed in the picturesque landscapes of Hunan university campus.