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I-Shou University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, exclusively designed for the astute minds of I-Shou University. Reinventing your dating experience, our app introduces an entirely new model - eliminating the swiping game and introducing Eva, an intelligent AI matchmaking chatbot who does the work for you. Unleash the power of neuroscience and artificial intelligence to find a match that resonates with your intellect and matches your vibe.

Remember the countless hours spent at the 'Just Us Cafe,’ looking across the table and hoping to meet someone who understands your passion for academic excellence? Or those brief encounters in the bustling corridors of the Library and Lecture Hall - without any guarantees of an encore? With dates.ai, experience a shift from randomness to precision in your pursuit of love. Begin your romantic journey not fifty meters away, but right in the heart of the ISU community.

Eva, your AI companion, is more than an ordinary chatbot. She’s your personal cupid who listens, understands, and uses your conversation to create a compatibility blueprint. With this, she identifies potential matches that not only match your hobbies, interests, and lifestyle, but also share your love for ISU’s vibrant culture and traditions. Let technology redefine your dating experience at I-Shou University with dates.ai.