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Welcome to, the pioneering dating app specially tailored for the brilliant minds of Imperial College London. We understand that your academic pursuits leave you with scarce time for swiping through profiles or relying on a chance meeting in the depths of Central Library. That's why we introduce you 'Eva', our artificial intelligence chatbot, which eliminates the conventional time-consuming methods of finding a perfect match.

Engage in an intriguing matchmaking conversation with Eva and add an element of intelligence to your dating life. Based on your conversation, Eva will build a comprehensive profile, catering specifically to your romantic preferences. This AI-based approach ensures you're matched accurately, saving time and helping you form meaningful connections.

Perhaps the next time you fancy your usual London Fog from Yumbles Cafe, you'll be accompanied by a charming companion who shares your love for boundary-pushing research and your disdain for overcrowded tube rides. So why wait? Let Eva guide you to your perfect match in the vibrant, intellectual hub that is Imperial College London. - because love is too important to be left to chance.