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Welcome to, the first-of-its-kind dating platform exclusive for the students of the prestigious Indian Institute of Science. Embark on a journey of discovery and forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals through our sophisticated AI-powered matchmaking chatbot, Eva. Gone are the days of aimless swiping and relying on chance encounters in our vast library or the bustling Prakruthi canteen.

Commence your journey with an engaging conversation with Eva, your personal matchmaker. She will dive deep into your interests, academic pursuits, and ideal partner preferences while you enjoy a casual chat. Thought you needed to master quantum physics to find love? With Eva, you just need to master the art of conversation! Allow her to build your comprehensive profile based on your chat, sparing you the tedious task of manual profiling.

Whether it's catching a breath of fresh air at the JN Planetarium, holding hands during a late-night stroll on the beautiful IISc campus or sharing a cup of aromatic filter coffee from the revered Canteen Tea Point, makes finding love as easy as an alumni gathering at Tata Auditorium. So, why wait? Uncover profound connections crafted by the pinnacle of AI technology, only on