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Welcome to, the premier dating service designed specifically for the brilliant minds at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. No more waiting for accidental encounters in the labyrinth of shelves at P K Kelkar Library or hoping the stars align as you queue for a Maska Chai at our beloved YPoint Cafe. We understand your need for connection and companionship amidst an exhilarating but demanding academic life, and is here to redefine your dating journey!

Our groundbreaking AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is no less than a competent IITian. After an engaging matchmaking conversation with Eva, your profile account is created and refined, uniquely tailored to your personality and preferences. Unlike the tedious and time-consuming process of swiping, we trust Eva to produce quality matches accurately, saving your time for revising Equilibrium Constants for Physical Chemistry or working on the latest AI programming challenge.

Unveil the romance in the palm of your hand with; let Eva lead the way to a heartwarming connection with fellow IIT Bombay students. Say goodbye to the loneliness in your hostel room and applaud as love takes center stage. Sign up, engage with Eva, and get ready to transform your IIT Bombay experience, one perfect match at a time.