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Have you spent countless hours in the Jardim do Torel hoping to bump into the "one", or optimistically glancing up from your studies at the famous Pavilhão de Civil library? Say goodbye to the days of chance encounters. Introducing, a revolutionary dating app, tailored explicitly for the students of Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa. Now, finding your perfect match is easier than working out a Golden Spiral equation.

This isn't just another dating app. Gone are the exhaustive profile setup process and the relentless swiping. We’ve brought in the AI matchmaking chatbot Eva. She will get to know you through an engaging conversation, understand your preferences and build a comprehensive profile for you. Picture a hangout by the Tejo River with someone who appreciates Fernando Pessoa’s poetry as much as you do, or a passionate debate over a cup of espresso at your beloved Maria Café. It’s all possible with Eva doing the matchmaking.

Let us play the cupid in your busy university life. No need to wait for your eyes to lock with someone across the room during a boring lecture. Join us at and discover a smarter, more personalized, and Institute-centric approach to dating. Let's brew a successful love story, one algorithm at a time.