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Welcome to, the exclusive, cutting-edge dating app crafted especially for the Iowa State University family. Say goodbye to countless swipes and hello to Eva, your smart AI matchmaking chatbot. With an effortless conversation, Eva constructs an accurate profile that captures your true essence, so no more late nights at Parks Library hoping to bump into your potential match. Our sophisticated algorithm handles it all, delivering compatible matches without the traditional dating app grind.

It's no secret that the ISU lifestyle is vibrant and fast-paced. That's why we've made uniquely efficient for your busy schedules. Our intelligent matchmaking system goes beyond superficial criteria. By understanding you on a deeper level during the matchmaking conversation, Eva narrows down potential matches that align with your interests, aspirations, and lifestyle. So, forget about endless searching or accidental run-ins at Roasters Coffee House - we've got your dating desires covered.

Join today and experience a whole new dimension of online dating with Iowa State University students. Through meaningful conversations and tailored matchmaking, we are redefining the way Cyclones find their match.—where quality meets efficiency in the quest for forging meaningful connections. Start your journey of companionship here, amidst the familiar Cy’s Roost, the iconic Campanile, and within the heart of the Cyclone nation.