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Welcome to, the pioneering dating app specially designed for the smart and innovative students of Isfahan University of Technology. We take pride in offering a unique dating experience, skillfully crafted around the familiarity and exclusivity of your university! Our sophisticated AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, turns the often tedious task of building a profile into an enjoyable conversation. There's no need to fumble with swipes or vague profiles anymore.

Tired of relying on chance encounters by the library or at the beloved local coffee shop, Dandanegan? With, we streamline the matchmaking process by analyzing your preferences and interests through your interactions with Eva. Each conversation with Eva is a step closer to finding your perfect match within the university's bustling community. Isn’t it exciting to find a partner to enjoy warm conversations at Amir Kabir Hall or scenic walks by the Zayandeh Rood River?

Join today and let Eva take you on a journey that's as fascinating and rewarding as your academic pursuit at the Isfahan University of Technology. Experience a new level of dating that brings together artificial intelligence and the charm of university life. Start your romantic journey now, without having to fear the distraction from your studies or an empty cup of coffee at Dandanegan., where technology meets romance.