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Jadavpur University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, the revolutionary new dating app exclusively designed for Jadavpur University students. Struggle no more with endless swipes and missed connections at the worlds renowned Aurobindo Bhavan library. With dates.ai, your dating match could be closer than you think, perhaps at the popular Dwip er Cha tea stall or even sitting opposite you in class at the UG Arts building.

Introducing Eva, our state-of-the-art matchmaking AI chatbot. No more guessing games or time wasted on incompatible matches. Eva engages you in a friendly conversation, understands your preferences, relationship goals and compatible personalities, and crafts your profile accordingly. Our AI technology takes university dating to the next level, ensuring a personalized and more successful matchmaking experience.

Don't leave your romantic encounters to the bustling campus rambles, dates.ai with Eva is here to navigate your journey. Embrace the magic of AI technology and find your soulmate right here at Jadavpur University. Embark on unforgettable coffee dates at Fanindra Memorial Canteen and create memories around our beautiful campus. At dates.ai, we believe everyone deserves love, let's make it happen together.