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Jilin University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, the game-changing dating app exclusively designed for us, the vibrant community of Jilin University! We're redefining the way you create connections and ignite romance. Forget those tedious swipes, instead, meet Eva - our revolutionary AI matchmaking chatbot. She crafts your profile through a friendly chat, and with your personal preferences, turns the tide in your favor.

Never again will you have to wait for that lucky bump into someone among the book shelves of our iconic Huizhong Library. No more awkward glances at the famous Nanling Campus Starbucks hoping for a conversation spark. With dates.ai, Jilin University's intimate environment is well-encompassed, making meaningful connections become as natural as our famous Spring Cherry Blossom sighting.

Embrace this personalized dating experience set against the backdrop of our beloved Jilin University. So waste no more time, take that exciting step towards discovering companionship and love right here on campus. Spark off a conversation with Eva, let dates.ai be your beacon in the pursuit of that perfect connection and discover a world of potential partners tailored to your preferences. Dates.ai, your future in love starts here!