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Welcome to, the only dating app personalized for Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz students. Our cutting-edge AI, Eva, is here to revolutionize your dating experiences. Say goodbye to mindless swiping and hello to real connection. We know each Gutenberg gander has a unique story and this is why Eva engages in a charming matchmaking conversation with you to build a one-of-a-kind profile that truly represents who you are and helps you discover like-minded counterparts right here in Mainz.

Eva is your matchmaker cum wingman who understands that Gutenberg love stories are not penned in the crowded hallways of Philosophicum or the endless bookshelves of the University Library. Love can ignite over a comforting cup of Cappuccino at the coffee house, Peckham's, or during a serene walk by the Rhine – and Eva precisely wants to make this happen. She’s the bridge between you and potential matches who'd appreciate your magnetic allure for art at Landesmuseum or your adrenaline rush at Coface Arena.

Through our advanced AI technologies and exclusive focus on the vibrant Gutenberg community, is committed to fostering genuine, human connections amidst the digital dating realm. Let Eva guide you on a journey of feeling butterflies again without the need for an accidental library encounter or the occasional olive branch at the Mensa. Embark on your adventure towards finding love, or friendship, imbued with the Johannes Gutenberg essence at