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Kaohsiung Medical University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, a revolutionary dating app exclusively designed for the talented and vibrant students of Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU). We know how reading for exams at the Sheng-Li Library or catching a break at the local "White Pharmacist" coffee shop can extend hopes of running into that special someone. But why leave it to chance when Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot can revolutionise your dating experience?

Forget tedious swiping and profile building. With Eva, we've simplified the process. All it takes is a conversation with our AI, and your profile's up and running! Our cutting-edge technology studies your preferences, interests and academic lifestyle, connecting you seamlessly with like-minded KMU singles. Whether you're from the Faculty of Medicine or dabbling in Biomedical Sciences, Eva can find the perfect match amidst the plethora of bright minds in our community.

Embrace a new era of matchmaking where it's not about bumping into someone at the book stacks or during a night out at the buzzing Yancheng District. It's about intelligent algorithms and sophisticated level of compatibility. So, grab your favourite coffee, sit back, and let Eva introduce you to an exciting world of smart dating at KMU.