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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating platform designed with Keio University students in mind. Having a tough time finding love between classes or while sipping your latte at Cafe Parliament? Tired of trying to catch more than just eye contact at the Old Library? leverages innovative Artificial Intelligence technology to do the hard work for you. Meet Eva, your dedicated AI matchmaking assistant.

With Eva, you don't need to spend endless hours swiping. Just engage in a friendly chat and she'll help build your profile based on your personality, preferences, and the unique nuances that make you, you! Whether you enjoy lingering over books at Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall or prefer late nights discussing philosophy at Hiyoshi Commemorative Hall, Eva is here to connect you with like-minded Keio enthusiasts.

At, we believe in making connections that matter. Say goodbye to awkward silences and hello to meaningful relationships. Trust in the power of the Keio spirit, backed by the technology of AI. We've been there. From the bustling school festivals to those quiet evenings by the Yukichi Fukuzawa statue. We get you, and we're here to help you meet your perfect match. Keio University isn't just your college. It's your community, your love story waiting to unfold with