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Introducing, Kent State University's premier dating app. Put the power of AI to work in your personal life with Eva, our advanced matchmaking chatbot. Step away from the library shelves and the Blue and Gold of Franklin Hall, and let Eva transform how you approach dating. Just grab your favorite brew from the Tree City Coffee, and sit back as Eva uses a conversational approach to build your profile. It's time to welcome the future of dating at KSU!

No more frantic swiping or hoping to bump into your perfect match around the Esplanade. Instead, enjoy light-hearted, insightful chats with Eva. She's designed to grasp your preferences, personality, and what you’re looking for in a partner. Inspired by these chats, she crafts an incredibly personalized profile that portrays an authentic image of you to potential matches. So why waste another study session looking for love in the wrong books?

Join today and step into the world of intelligent dating. Perfect for all Golden Flashes, our app is here to light up your path to love. It's simple! Just fire up, have a conversation with Eva, and let the possibilities unfold. Your future someone might just be one chat with Eva away!