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Welcome to, exclusively tailored for the vivacious students of Khon Kaen University! We're revolutionising the dating world with Eva, our state-of-the-art AI Matchmaker. Say goodbye to redundant swipes and settle into engaging conversation with Eva who will masterfully construct your profile. Just like the invigorating taste of fresh Lao coffee at the heart of our campus, get ready to experience match-making like never before.

No more relying on serendipitous encounters in the crowded aisles of the Central Library or fleeting glances at your favourite hang-out spots during rush hours. Eva is here to take over - it's smart, quick and understands you more than you understand yourself. Drop that book, pick up your phone, and let Eva guide you to your perfect match among the sea of our passionate young intellectuals.

So, Khon Kaenians, take a break from your rigorous academics, let the mesmerising hues of Phu Wiang National Park set the backdrop of your budding romance. Come on, join now and let Eva turn your romantic experiences into treasured stories worth narrating. Experience a dating service that's as unique and dynamic as your university life.