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Welcome to, the digital Cupid of King Saud University! We understand how tiring it can be to rely on bumping into your crush at the library or hope for a chance meeting at Starbucks. Our university life is full of readings, group discussions, and King Salman's Cup's preparations, leaving little time for love. That's why we created, a unique dating application specially tailored for King Saud's bustling student community.

Powered by Eva, an advanced AI matchmaking chatbot, eliminates the exhaustion of swiping through endless profiles. Instead, look forward to a stimulating conversation with Eva. She learns about your preferences, likes, dislikes, and interests to create an accurate profile that perfectly represents you within the King Saud University's vibrant single population. No more spending countless hours crafting the ideal profile or waiting in line at the popular Oteca Café hoping to spot that special someone.

Experience a new age of dating with Now your chances of finding love at King Saud University aren't confined to staying up late at the Al-Malaz Library or cheering at a FAL Elastics game. Give a try and let Eva revolutionize your love life. Because at, we believe that between the rush of term exams and enjoying a cup of traditional Arabic coffee at Serafi Mega Mall, there is always room for love and companionship.