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Welcome to, the revolutionary AI-assisted dating app specifically tailored for the incredible students at Kinki University. You deserve more than swiping left or right. Our intelligent matchmaking chatbot, Eva, takes the time to get to know you better, ensures chemistry before you even meet, and matches you with partners who really spark your interest. So, you can forget about those random library encounters and step into the future of dating.

No more guesswork on first date locations! With, Eva can suggest a soothing meet-up at the renowned University Café for its matcha latte or a relaxing stroll together at the beautiful Kinki University Botanical Garden. Eva's built-in knowledge of our vibrant campus culture and treasured local spots guarantees your dates are as unique and exceptional as our students.

Here at, we believe in the power of technology to foster meaningful connections. With your input and Eva's innovative algorithms, our app is tailor-made with Kinki University students in mind. We're not just another dating app – we're you’re AI-enhanced route to love. Start your romantic adventure with today!