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Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) joins Dates.ai

Introducing Dates.ai – the only dating app every KAIST student needs for a refreshing change from the regular grind. Built specifically for the driven and aspiring students at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, it's time to swap your lab reports for love letters, and hit pause on your late-night library sessions for an exciting rendezvous.

How do we accomplish this? Meet Eva, your AI cupid precision-engineered to optimise your university dating journey. Think of her as your personal chatbot who gets to know you through an engaging and interactive conversation. From your preference for studying in the Hana Square to your secret love for the coffees at W2-1 coffee shop, Eva lifts off the common hassle of swiping through profiles. She builds an understanding of you that is as complex and unique as Theori, our in-house supercomputer. Make no mistake, this is not random matchmaking - this is scientific love.

SWIPE? That's a thing of the past. When you’re a KAIST student, every minute counts. Eva understands this and does all the hard work for you. She keeps you away from jittery coffee meet-ups and ensures you don't have to rely on bumping into your future partner in a crowded Central Library. So go ahead, download Dates.ai and let Eva link you with a potential partner as determined and ambitious as you are, at the heart of our prestigious university ground. Dates.ai, making romance a reality at KAIST.