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KTH Royal Institute of Technology joins Dates.ai

Meet dates.ai, the revolutionary dating app for savvy singles at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. We leverage innovative AI technology to transform your dating experience— because we know your time is better spent on groundbreaking projects than endless swiping. Begin your journey with a captivating conversation with our AI matchmaker, Eva. Unlike your complex algorithms, sparking a connection has never been simpler.

Forget about looking for love in Nordenskiöldsbiblioteket's labyrinthine bookshelves or taking a chancy shot at Kafé Orion. Eva's keen intellect and understanding of human dynamics takes the guesswork out of dating. After a deep-dive conversation that uncovers your personality, preferences, and aspirations, she'll curate a selection of matches perfectly tailored for you. And yes, she knows that a love of late-night coding sessions and refreshing coffee breaks at Q are traits worth matching!

Dive into a dating experience that recognises and caters to the unique rhythm of KTH Royal Institute of Technology life. Get ready to be amazed at the understanding of Eva, your AI cupid. So, for the love of technology and your future soulmate, put those swipes aside and let dates.ai transcend your quest for love to a new AI-guided dimension.