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Welcome to, your bespoke matchmaking companion to navigate the dynamic dating scene at Kyoto University. We understand that your odds of bumping into your soulmate at the Yoshida-South Library or the tranquil Nanzen-ji gardens are as slim as finding an open seat at Arabica in Higashiyama on a Sunday morning.

With our innovative AI-driven dating app, we're revolutionizing the way Kyoto University students make connections. Meet Eva, your personal chatbot love guru. Ditch the predictable profile builds and tedious swiping, let Eva take the reins. Through an intuitive conversation, she captures your unique personality and preferences, sculpting the most authentic expression of you. Each potential match that pops up in your inbox is the result of her intelligent matchmaking, giving you a higher chance of meeting your perfect match.

Join us at and experience dating the AI-way. Allow Eva to take you past the crowded halls of the Yoshida Auditorium or the accidental encounters at Chipotle, and step into a realm of dating that's truly Kyoto University-worthy.