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Welcome to, Kyung Hee University's very own smart dating application. No more waiting endlessly for someone to swipe right, or hoping to randomly bump into your perfect match in the crowded Central Library. We bring Eva, your personal AI chatbot, who helps you find your special someone, chat, match, and arrange a date in a cozy corner of the famous Café Tazza. Relax as Eva learns about you through natural conversation - understanding your preferences, hobbies, and values - and crafts a profile that truly reflects who you are!

Eva works much smarter and harder than any other dating platforms to find the perfect match for you. No superficial swipes. Eva learns and improves with every interaction, providing a personalized dating experience unique to each Kyung Hee student. So why take your chances at a noisy club or crowded lecture hall when you can meet someone who shares your love for late-night studying at the College of Law Building or sunrise yoga at Love Lake?

Get ready to say goodbye to the uncertain era of forced awkward encounters and say hello to a thoughtful matchmaking experience designed just for you, the students of Kyung Hee University. Unleash the power of AI with and let love find its way!