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Introducing, KeeLEO's trendiest new companion for all you singles out there at Kyungpook National University. No more relying on chance meetings at the old Central Library or awkward encounters at the locally adored Café DropTop. With, you take the leap from serendipity to certainty as we’re rewriting the code on dating in our very own campus.

Our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, has been engineered to set you up on dates with fellow students that match your vibe perfectly. Yes, that's right, forget about endless swiping and complex profiling. Your love journey begins and ends with an engaging conversation with Eva, who meticulously builds your profile and sets you up with matches tailored to your personality and interests. It's time to let our algorithms do all the legwork; after all, we know you have enough things to swipe through on your study notes.

Whether you're into cozy study dates at the Modern Languages Building or adventurous hikes around Palgongsan, Eva has got you covered. So why wait? Break the campus dating monotony by giving a whirl and let us redefine your perception of university dating. At Kyungpook National University, your love story is just an AI conversation away.