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Welcome to, the cutting-edge dating app exclusively designed for the vibrant and diverse student community of Kyushu University. Our innovative app employs an AI-led matchmaker, Eva, who is dedicated to revamping your dating experience. Say goodbye to endlessly swiping and hello to effortless dating. Eva crafts your profile via an engaging, insightful conversation, getting to know you beyond the surface.

Ever thought you might bump into someone special in the bustling halls of Central Library, or waiting in line at Campus Café? With, you won't have to rely on chance encounters anymore. Eva, armed with an understanding unique to Kyushu's student body demographics, forms meaningful connections that have potential beyond a single snapshot. From Fukuoka City Science Museum to MAIZURU Park, Eva knows your local hangout spots and will suggest tailored date ideas.

At, we understand the nuances of student life at Kyushu University. Whether it's finding someone to share a latte with at Starbucks Ito or discovering a mate who shares your enthusiasm for intramurals, streamlines your love journey integrating it seamlessly with your busy academic life. Eva is here to help you build your romance, one conversation at a time!