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Searching for love amidst textbooks and lectures? Look no further than — a venerable dating service at your fingertips, exclusively designed for us, the bright minds of the Lappeenranta University of Technology. Say goodbye to the tiresome task of swiping. Our revolutionary AI-powered matchmaking chatbot Eva creates your profile after a cunning yet friendly, matchmaking conversation. Why depend on serendipity, when Eva will find suitable matches right here in LUT?

Imagine securing a date with a fellow student without spilling a drop of your beloved brew from the Kaleva Bakery or interrupting your research at the Skinnarila Campus library. Eva's artifical intelligence takes the guesswork and awkwardness out of matching, connecting you with like-minded LUT students, innovators and future leaders. Truly, who else could appreciate those sleepless nights preparing for Control Engineering exams or the relief of finishing your Software Architectures report?

You aren’t expected to find the formulas to love within the walls of our labs, nor amidst the greenery of our fabulous campus. Let, and our trusted chatbot Eva, open up a newer, romantic facet to your student life at Lappeenranta University of Technology. Let’s cheers over a cup of coffee at the campus' Coffee House to new beginnings and finding your perfect match!