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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app tailored exclusively for Laval University students! Tired of swiping aimlessly and relying on chance encounters at the library or the Aristide Café? Dive into a smarter, more personalized form of online dating with and our innovative AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva.

Eva's genius lies in her art of conversation. She engages you in light-hearted yet insightful banter that helps her understand you better than any swipe could. Don't worry about crafting the perfect profile, Eva builds one for you based on your playful chat. From your favourite study spot in Pollack Hall to your cherished memories at the Rouge et Or games, Eva captures the essence of your university life making your matches a lot more appealing and relatable.

With, dating has never been simpler. Cut the small talk, skip the uncertainty, and dive straight into meaningful conversations and real connections. So put those books down for a breather and start a conversation with Eva. Let be your guide to finding love amid the hustle and bustle of Laval University life.