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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app, tailored for the vivacious and vibrant crowd of Linköping University! We understand that maintaining a balance between academics and a bustling social life can be quite the challenge. That’s why we’ve replaced the endless swiping with Eva, our sophisticated AI matchmaking chatbot. No more tiresome browsing; simply chat with Eva and she will create an ideal profile just for you.

Are you looking for a companion for a cozy study date in Vallfarten, or someone to share a soothing cup of coffee with at our beloved Hemma? Maybe you're even hoping for a chance encounter at B-huset library. Don't leave it to the off-chance of bumping into someone in the stacks of textbooks, let Eva introduce you to fellow Linköping University students who share your interests and passions.

Here at, we make it not just about finding a date, but finding the 'right' one. Embark on a journey that is as exciting and full of potential as your life at Linköping University itself. Because we believe that everyone deserves a love story that’s as individual and unique as they are, we invite you to join us, and let Eva become your cupid in the digital world.