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Lomonosov Moscow State University joins Dates.ai

Привет! Welcome to dates.ai, the pioneering dating app exclusively for Lomonosov Moscow State University students. Powered by a revolutionary AI matchmaking chatbot named Eva, it's an experience as unique as our beloved Alma mater on Sparrow Hills.

Gone are the days of aimlessly swiping or hoping for a chance encounter by Studencheskaya Coffee Bar or at the Lenin Library. With dates.ai, you are just a chat away from building a profile that truly reflects you. Eva, our intelligent bot, engages you in a riveting conversation, understands your core preferences, and helps you present your truest self!

No more trying to stand out in crowded lectures or figuring out how to strike a conversation at our infamous Seasonal Ice Rink. It's time to embrace the future of dating – interconnected, intelligent, and incredibly enticing. Dive into the world of dates.ai, and see who Eva introduces you to from the vast and vibrant student community of Lomonosov Moscow State University.