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Welcome to, exclusively tailored for the vibrant minds at Macquarie University! Say goodbye to the exhausting game of swipes and chance encounters at the library. We're here to reinvent your dating experience with a touch of artificial intelligence. Our interactive AI companion, Eva, will guide you through an engaging chat, getting to know you and crafting your unique profile. No cliché summaries or guesswork required.

Our intelligent matchmaking service utilizes your conversation with Eva to zero in on potential partners you'll have a genuine connection with. saves you precious time, taking away the pressure of striking up a conversation with that cute barista at Social Brew. Let us worry about compatibility, while you focus on the important things, like which book you'll bring for that coffee shop date!

Tapping into the diverse and dynamic community of Macquarie University, is your passport to engaging conversations and memorable encounters. All you need to do, is have a chat with Eva and let the magic begin. Are you ready to embrace this matchless dating experience, handcrafted for the Macquarie's finest?