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Welcome to - dedicated, intelligent, and exclusively crafted for the spirited and vibrant community of Marche Polytechnic University. Fed up with random swipes and the suspense of potential matches? With our state-of-the-art AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, dating just became a whole lot easier and more personalized - it's time to put your love life on autopilot.

Focus on acing your courses instead of swiping through countless profiles. After a carefully tailored conversation with Eva, she will meticulously build your profile and match you with students that align with your interests and values. No need for the hope of accidental 'meet-cutes' at the library or rolling your dice at the Titì Café. Let Eva take the wheel - she knows you, she knows them, she knows Marche Polytechnic. Relax and prepare for an unprecedented dating experience.

Eva is not just an AI; she's your personal cupid in the cloud, turning potential matches into meaningful connections. Instead of setting you up at the crowded Università Caffè, Eva suggests a casual meetup at that quiet, charming corner at Il Bosco dei Poeti - only a true University student would know. Sprinkle some love, add a dash of intelligence and keep the suspense at bay - Welcome to