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Welcome to, Massey University's favorite way to connect and find your perfect match! Meet Eva, your personal matchmaking AI fit for the busy and ambitious students of Massey. Forget browsing profiles or swiping left and right, Eva will help build your profile based on a meaningful conversation with you, ensuring your individual personality shines through.

Wondering if you'll ever meet someone outside of cramming sessions at Sir Geoffrey Peren Library? Struggling to strike a conversation at Cyclone Coffee Shop? We get you! And that's why we incorporate local knowledge unique to Massey to give you an unrivalled dating experience. Our Eva is well-versed in everything Massey, so your matches will be suited not just to your personality, but also your student lifestyle.

So, take the guesswork out of dating. Join! Perfect for when you need a study break, are waiting for your flat white at Tussock, or need motivation for the semester ahead. Throw away the old-school, tedious matchmaking rules and let our intelligent AI bring a potent mix of fun, simplicity, and authenticity to your dating life. It's time to embrace the future of dating, right here on Massey University campus.