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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app exclusively tailored for the vibrant minds at McGill University. Our state-of-the-art AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, does all the heavy lifting, so you can ditch the exhausting swipe game. A thoughtful conversation with Eva not only builds your dynamic profile, but also helps us ensure perfect matches, optimised with your preferences, passions and the tight-knit McGill culture in mind.

Let Eva handle the complexities of algorithms, while you focus on the sparks of a new connection. Gone are the days of hoping to bump into that special someone at the McLennan Library or leaving your romantic fate to a study break at Thompson House Coffee Shop. Embark on a stimulating journey curated by our intelligent matchmaking to find your perfect match, may it be a scholastic companion or your lifetime partner.

Dive into the McGill dating scene with us at, where the blend of technology and intuition takes the center stage. So why wait? Let Eva guide your love story amidst the stunning buildings and lively social scene of McGill University. Embrace the charm of intelligent dating.