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Middlesex University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, the avant-garde dating app designed exclusively for the vibrant community of Middlesex University. Are you tired of aimlessly swiping or hoping to accidentally bump into the love of your life in the university library? Put an end to the uncertainty and put your love life in the hands of our intelligent matchmaking AI, Eva.

Unlike other dating apps, we use cutting-edge AI technology to understand you beyond the surface level. Eva meticulously crafts your profile around a one-to-one conversation with you, capturing your personality and preferences in an in-depth profile that traditional dating apps simply can't match. Say goodbye to endless swiping - Eva will use her advanced algorithm to deliver accurate matches straight to your inbox, revolutionizing your dating life.

Ready for your next date? Why not start your love story with a refreshing Iced Latte at Mojo's? Or plan an intimate dinner at the iconic Quad? With dates.ai and Eva, you can find out who else in Middlesex University shares your love for these cherished local spots, and embark on a romantic journey like no other. Your remarkable Middlesex University dating experience begins with dates.ai.