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Welcome to, devoted exclusively to the vibrant students of Montpellier University! Say goodbye to the tedious swipe game and meet Eva, your smart AI matchmaker. She'll build your dating profile by simply conversing with you, understanding your preferences, and going beyond the superficial. You won't have to wait to bump into someone at the Montpellier University Library anymore!

Whether you prefer a lively debate at Le Café des Arts or a laid-back chat over coffee at Café Riche, Eva is programmed to find someone who shares your interests. Gone are the days of awkward, incompatible matches. With, your chance of finding the perfect partner in the bustling crowd of Montpellier University is now a swipe-free reality. combines the charm of Montpellier University, the sophistication of artificial intelligence, and the uniqueness of you. Start a conversation with Eva, and let's redefine campus dating. Love is just around the corner, don't let it wait in the library!