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Welcome, Murdoch University students! Welcome to a new era of dating with, your AI-infused dating companion. Our matchmaking chatbot, Eva, does all the work for you. No need to spend endless hours swiping or hoping to bump into someone in the Library, Eva's got your back! Just have a chat with her, and she'll shape your profile, and find your ideal match from fellow Murdoch students.

Whether you enjoy unwinding at the Ref or grabbing a cup of joe at The Merchant Café between classes, Eva takes note of your preferences and matches you with someone who mirrors your interests. By understanding your discussions and preferences and using savvy algorithms, Eva can introduce you to that someone who will appreciate your love for science at The Rockingham Lectures or your passionate debates at Nexus Theatre.

With, meeting your perfect match is as smart and effortless as Murdoch life itself. Just as you've made the Murdoch Guild Tavern your go-to for memorable nights, make your go-to for unforgettable experiences with exciting people. Let the dating revolution begin, download today and let Eva get started.