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Welcome to, a dating revolution exclusive to Nagoya University students! Say goodbye to the tiresome process of swiping and say hello to Eva, our AI-powered matchmaker. Instead of bumping into someone at the crowded Toyoda Auditorium Library, let us introduce you to your compatible match through a fun, interactive conversation with Eva. She is designed to know you better and recommend perfect matches from across the campus.

Eva isn't just a simple AI, she's a trendsetter. Sit back and enjoy a casual chat with her as she crafts your profile with unparalleled precision, saving you from tedious questionnaires. You'd rather be sipping your favorite brew from Higashiyama Coffee than filling out extensive forms, right? Let Eva take care of your love life while you focus on your studies and savoring the best campus life has to offer.

Join today and discover a whole new world within Nagoya University. Who knows, next time you walk past the iconic Clock Tower, you might be holding hands with your ideal match. Get ready for a love story that's woven right here in the heart of our vibrant campus. Start your journey with, where love truly meets tech!