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Introducing, the innovative dating app designed exclusively for the vibrant community of Nanjing University. With our groundbreaking AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, you can say goodbye to the frantic swiping and hello to intelligent dating. Eva uses your one-on-one conversation to craft your unique profile, reflecting your precise preferences and personality traits, all without you lifting a finger.

Our service doesn't just stop at smart profile creation. Imagine not relying on chance encounters in Xianlin Library or hoping for a random meet-up at the bustling Mingfa Pearl Spring Café. With, you can rely on Eva to channel the power of AI technology and connect you with compatible matches from around campus. Whether it's a shared interest in Nanjing’s rich history, that intramural basketball rivalry, or even a mutual appreciation for late-night study sessions, Eva is here to drive meaningful connections tailored to your preferences.

Unlock a whole new world of dating at Nanjing University with No gimmicks, no games — just authentic connections paved by state-of-the-art technology. Say goodbye to swiping and hello to Eva, your AI-powered matchmaker. Endless possibilities in love and companionship are only a conversation away.