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Welcome to, the pioneering dating app developed exclusively for us, the vibrant community at National Central University. Our intelligent chatbot, Eva, understands your preferences and personality thoroughly from your matchmaking conversations. With Eva, you can ditch the time-consuming process of swiping and dive straight into meaningful connections specifically curated for you. Even better? There's no more relying on chance encounters at The Moon Library.

Imagine having your first date at the cozy Earth Cafe, sipping on that delicious caramel macchiato while diving deep into a conversation with a person who’s truly your match. That’s precisely what promises - curated matchmaking that goes beyond photos and bio, a dating experience that considers your unique persona, your interests, and the many quirks and charms that come along with being a student at National Central University.

Join today and let Eva—the matchmaker that never sleeps—help you discover romance right here at National Central University. Welcome to a smarter, more personal, and expressive dating experience. Welcome to