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Introducing, the revolutionary dating app, tailor-made exclusively for us, the students of National Cheng Kung University. Say goodbye to endless swiping and dreaded awkward silences on first dates. Let Eva, our smart AI matchmaking chatbot, do all the work for you. A few meaningful conversations with Eva, and she'll know you better than you know yourself - your likes, your dislikes, everything. No more compulsory visits to the Banyan Garden hoping to bump into the girl of your dreams. We promise it won’t be boring as a C programming class!

Imagine this – simply relaxing at Formosa Pearl Milk Tea, not worrying about planning a date, because amazingly, Eva has arranged a meet-up with a classmate who shares your love for ancient history and Tainan’s unique culture. That’s not even the best part – it's always someone from National Cheng Kung University. stays true to the spirit of our prestigious institution, fostering connections and celebrating similarities within the NCKU community.

Join today and unlock a whole new world of possibilities. Get ready to explore your campus in a fresh, exciting way. Say hello to unforgettable encounters at popular student hangouts like Black Bridge Sausage or unplanned encounters at the Magic School of Green Technology. Let's make the most out of our university life at NCKU with!